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Ego Trippin: Examining Internalized Racial Infer/Superiority

Racism. For many people the “r-word” evokes anger, (dis)comfort, guilt, shame, sympathy, and/or apathy. Much of the recent educational focus is on how racism shows up in society on a macro level. Analyzing the impacts of racism on this larger scale can create a personal disconnect between what is happening within us and what is happening over there. This workshop series seeks to answer how internalized racial inferiority/superiority shows up for each of us.

Ego Trippin shifts the spotlight to us as individuals and how we have been indoctrinated into adopting subconscious ideals that affect how we view others, live our lives, and choose to interact with people we may see as different from us. Throughout the sessions, we will hold space for all participants to examine our own internalized privilege and marginalization, analyze the cycles of racial socialization, and work to better understand our roles in perpetuating racial divides, limitations, and stereotypes. 

This workshop will be limited to 12 participants; 6 people of color and 6 white people. While most of the series will be an interracial dialogue, there will also be intra-racial caucus space to process. Participants should have a basic understanding of structural and cultural racism. Weekly readings and writing activities will be assigned to guide our group dialogues each session. At the end of the workshop, participants will each develop an accountability plan for continued growth and reflection.

Each session will be facilitated by Joyell Arvella and Zara Cadoux and will take place on Thursdays January 11, January 25, February 8 from 6:00 PM -8:00 PM in Charles Village. The address will be shared upon registration.