Relationships are revolutionary.


Our vision 

A world where womxn and girls thrive without inhibitions, limitations, or societal constraints. 


Our mission

We create ripples of social change by forming partnerships, designing strategies, and strengthening community efforts that impact the health and well being of womxn and girls of color.


Our story

After working in education for seven years, the nonprofit sector for nearly ten years, traveling and working in twelve countries (and counting), we noticed a common narrative -- we live as individuals rather than community members by merely existing together instead of living together. This separation can especially be seen inter-generationally and across racial lines. For womxn and girls, the absence of intentional spaces for our identities and experiences to be fully embraced is far too prevalent. And so, harp + sword began. By focusing on the marginalization of womxn and girls of color, we can address all related forms of marginalization impacting various underrepresented groups. 

In addition to addressing institutional and systemic issues, harp + sword curates joy for womxn and girls to show up as their whole selves. harp + sword is partially inspired by Zora Neale Hurston,  a pioneer in racial and gender dialogue, folklore, and culture during the Harlem Renaissance. Hurston chose to hold space for herself in a world that would not return the favor.

Connect with us about bringing a training, ongoing support, or workshop to your area! We are currently based in Baltimore, Maryland with domestic and international availability. 


Joyell Arvella, J.D.
Founder | CEO