What our clients are saying:

Joyell Arvella does the deeply challenging and necessary work of creating intersectional equity every day at her company Harp + Sword. I’ve seen her turn tough situations into moments of grace and progress for herself and her community.
— Sam Zucker, Designer and Strategist
Joyell has a presence and presenting style that I have never experienced as an audience member and it was so refreshing and affirming. I appreciated her acknowledgement of African history and contextualizing the practice in its rightful home.
— Anee Korme, Director of Student Diversity & Development
Very open, inclusive, welcoming, non-judgmental, well thought out. Enjoyed my experience.
— Aaron Kaufman
Joyell’s demeanor, tone, pace, and true understanding of how to make the content real and relatable for everyone was amazing and truly telling of her amazing facilitation skills.
— Jacquelyn Thomas, Dent Education
The Ego Trippin workshop, led by harp + sword and Cadoux Consulting transformed the way I think about my thoughts, actions and beliefs around race and made me dive deep into the ‘why’ of how things exist in America today.
— Lauren Gross
I left with some knew ideas and actions to take in my personal growth.
— Annie Howe, Annie Paper Cuts
They thoughtfully, yet courageously, explored the topic. They did so in a manner that called both white participants and participants of color to delve into the depths of their minds, bodies, and spirits, to uncover previously hidden attitudes or mindsets we have overlooked or dismissed as we go about our daily lives.
— Phillip Clark